Is anyone buying what you’re selling?

Are you solving a problem? Creating a new market? Changing an industry? Finding a niche? Saving time and money? Making it easier? We can handle the truth. Say yes and we can talk.

Just win baby

What is your competitive advantage? If your idea is good, competitors, followers and copycats will be in hot pursuit. We’re looking for entrepreneurial grinders, founders who will dig in and hunker down with us to get to the finish line. When you win, we win. We are on the Al Davis trajectory - Just win baby!

Does your vision have a quest?

Great leaders motivate, strategize, inspire. Can you share your vision in a way that creates company loyalty and respect and excitement in the marketplace? Are you able to inspire employees, customers and investors? We are looking for inspirational founders who have the vision to be a change agent, who can go large. Tell us your story.

Check all the boxes

What are you looking for in an investor? Of course, you want a check, but if that’s where your interest ends, we’re probably not the guys for you. If you’re looking for a valued partner who can offer operational expertise and counsel throughout the funding cycle, we’re ready to get in the foxhole with you. Do we check all your boxes?